- The Future Cannot Last Four Minutes -

By FINA 21 November 2014

Cultural phenomena can be found at the bus stop: wait two thousand years and it all comes in a rush. As we wait, we witness the expiration of the popular modern method. We witness the expiration of the brand and the capriciousness of its ideas rooted in retrospection: music which wants to be heard, but has been heard already.

Culture subservient to past iconography produces fatalism betraying the unlimited creative potential of today. The pretty little heads of Brighton Fashion Week and London Fashion Week and garb meisters around the world showcase a zeitgeist devoid of spirit; the ego all-encompassing and closed, clutching at the certainties of the rear-view mirror. And at the bus stop, if the phenomena doesn't arrive, we will start walking: we will find a way. Only t-shirts can save the world now: fatalism is not the end!

The image shown is part of a three piece T shirt collection 'No Glory...' to be released soon on the Fina Boutique shop.

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