- The Futility of the Running Game -

By FINA 30 December 2014

Human evolution from hunter gatherer (who didn’t wear Superdry or mangled Japanese) to modern life was an evolution in both the physical capacity for endurance running and the material surround of defined thinking.

The classical ideal and revolutionary impulse is to conciliate existence with consequence where divorced from the intuition of meaning.

A divorce where the running game has become entertainment spectacle and moral authority: moral authority divorced from being able to house, feed or make material. Make real.

The running game has become synonymous with everyday life as a remembrance event, contriving unsolicited emotional response; evoking tribal loyalties of the hunter gatherer long since left behind in the mind. Perhaps the running game is reminding itself of its own futile nature, but the money is too good to give it up?

And what is the running game built on? Time elapsing and running down the clock and a mangled language depicting its own condition?

Can anything become of the running game?

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