- Revolution Art: The Revolution of Everyday Life is a Revolution in Time -

By FINA 29 October 2014

Fashion is a reflection of the culture. Revolutionary fashion is a reflection of revolutionary culture: it is the mission of the revolutionary label to reach the soul and withstand the test of time.

The nascent movement in branding which allows the brand to sell the message rather than the message the brand has seen Julian Assange and Russell Brand brand themselves so collaborations with enemies of the state (such as Julian Assange) and 2014 London Fashion Week become possible, logical and plausible. This is not branding based on market demographic, it is branding based on ideal and philosophy; this is the age of the anti-brand: branding against the micro-trend and capricious, baseless modern corporate marketing. And in this age, it is not the mission of the revolutionary fashion label to revolutionise the silhouette of the trouser or the t-shirt: it is to revolutionise the mind. This is branding beyond shopping. The modern day revolutionary is found on a label.

It is these branding axioms which are found in Fina Boutique, the Brighton fashion and art house. What defines Fina Boutique is its understanding of revolution: revolution is not about disinformation, ecology or inequality: just because Big Brother may be watching doesn’t mean you cannot own your own mind. Revolution is about time. About time working for us, not against. Time not slipping away. Revolution is not about the singular, it is not the spectacle: the roots of modern revolutionary thought which materialised in Marx were too concerned with aspiration which make us predictable. If Marx had stayed with the beauty of the European romantics Goethe and Blake rather than move to economic prognosis and Riccardo, history would have taken a different course.

In revolutions beyond the monumental event, the prize becomes the promise where time is no longer money. Away from central government and the regulated fiscal life, in the knowledge economy and ubiquity of the information age: Intuition becomes Capital; where the mind moves from mind to mind through time and space in absolute liberty and stylised freedom from physiological obligation. All roads of revolution lead to heaven: the mind exists to know, the body exists for sexual vandalism and the soul exists to come again in samsara. This is the Art of Revolution.

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