- Number Thieves: Power is in the Mind (Graphics on T-shirt and Print for Darts Fans) -

By FINA 18 December 2014

It is an age old debate whether Darts is a sport or pastime? This discussion discounts a third option. It is the third option which inspired Fina Boutique to release a mini-collection of three graphic designs ‘Number Thieves’ and become involved: Darts is an event of the mind and mathematics (all designs are available on t-shirt and in print).

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It is an event of the working man, for the working man, taking numbers from his opponent where sideshows of alcohol fuelled bonhomie, vampy displays of female flesh and pent up releases of emotion exist to compliment the abstract synthesis of art and science that the Dart board presents.

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In an age of political and cultural disenfranchisement where the working guy is looked upon with contempt; the Darts is a chance to take it all back. Fina has released the collection to fill the gap for ‘arty’ modernistic designs on t-shirts and print for Darts fans. These designs emanate from a eulogy to the desires of the modern man. 

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The collection is a call for Number Thieves to rise up and assert themselves, own their minds and own the room! 

All designs are available in t-shirt and print.

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