- No Glory... (Graphics on T Shirt and Print) -

By FINA 18 February 2015

Presenting a new mini collection of three designs: No Glory in the Dollar, No Glory in Suicide, No Glory in God. On sale now at the Fina Boutique shop in T and Print...

Governments and Banks can no longer underpin the promise of currency in the on-demand world where ubiquity of information creates peer-to-peer markets, cutting out the middleman. The modern world discounts the present so tomorrow's price exceeds today's cost. Why wait?

If what is, is a consequence of what was, change the consequence. There is no glory in giving up. No glory in passing over, abstaining, deferring, in a life without (consequence); no glory in war, the gun, noose, overdose, strategic air command. Murder is no different to suicide: the soul is killing itself.

There is no joy in discounting the day in anticipation of absolution tomorrow: the mind becomes absent and atrophies at the altar. No glory in righteousness, in revenge, in the hymn. No glory in policing our own prisons, in the linear path which won’t succumb. No glory in fundamentalism and no glory in tradition with no room for clean breaks.

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