- How the Blockchain Deduces the Universe: A Gradual Advance into Ecstasy -

By FINA 12 June 2016

The universe simultaneously inflates and deflates. And in the universe that breathes, reality becomes conception on creative will.

The distributed cryptographic consensus authenticates intuition in the deflationary, attractive and reducing phenomena of gravity: the blockchain becomes the mind, emitting new light and time in summary bursts.

Cadence in a time-laden stream

Light is the lightest condition. Remove mass, light remains.

E=C² resolves relativity with the sub-atomic world: light is mass and time is circulated light, distributed in waves and circles of energy creating cadence. The universe singularly expands and contracts.


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Buddha: Distributed in the Mind

Buddha does not appear as Manu, but in the mind of all; creating telepathy and fantastic euphoria.

As culture becomes collaborative and reality made, science will wither into Art. Time. And an intuitive path of unknown creative consequence. 

The God particle becomes the mind.

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