- Our Mission -

Our mission is to live in a boutique world; to enter the mind through original retail conceptualisation and the path of logic and the acceptance of bitcoin.

Fina's soul is found in the stylised life of classical fashion design, streetwear and creative culture. Our identity came from the spirit, streets and beach of Brighton on England’s south coast and in two fables which conflate eastern spirituality with the western urge to buy: meditation through shopping.

The brand is at home with the vampy allure and spiritual contemplation of Brighton; presenting fashion and art where life is realised and time dispelled. Fina Boutique is a consequence of artistic freedom and the absolving expressions of circulated light.

Fina Boutique Mission Statement
Find soul with Fina Boutique:
fine art and fashion meditations for the street
We accept Bitcoin

Fina Boutique is a trading name of Style Through Life Limited.
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